What is butchery equipment? The types and their benefits

In the revolutionary and advanced world, we are in today, the use of equipment and appliances has become popular over time. We no longer use the old-fashioned ways of doing things since the evolution of equipment. The modern kit makes work easier and faster without consuming a lot of energy.

Butchery is a place where meat is sold.Butchery equipment is a set of simple machines used in daily activities. Such activities include cutting, dicing, and grinding meat into smaller pieces.

Types of butchery equipment

  1. Meat grinders – As the term grinder indicates, a meat grinder is a machine used to grind the meat into smaller pieces, referred to as minced meat.
  2. Meat slicers – The term slice refers to cutting something into smaller manageable pieces; therefore, a meat slicer is used to cut meat.
  3. Meat stuffers – A meat stuffer is mainly used when making sausages.
  4. Butcher knives are sharp and vital for cutting meat and bones. It is different from ordinary knives since it can cut through various kinds of meat without becoming blunt.
  5. Scales/weighing machines – A weighing machine is used to determine the quantity of meat in kilograms.
  6. Meat saws – A meat saw is used to cut large meat portions. It is extreme and can be used in cutting bones and muscles.
  7. Packaging machines – A packaging machine is used to wrap and pack the meat more advanced. You can only find packaging machines in butcheries that are more advanced; otherwise, the rest continue using the old packaging ways.
  8. Protective clothing – Protective clothes protect your clothes from dirt. Getting dirty is not the only reason for wearing protective garments; it is also a sign of cleanliness and hygiene.

Benefits of butchery equipment

Butchery equipment is not in the butchery for decorative purposes but because they serve a purpose. Some of the benefits of butchery equipment are as follows:

  1. Helps in sales increase

Sales are likely to increase since you serve many clients within a short period. If you can afford the butchery equipment prices in Kenya, consider getting the equipment since they prevent long queues, which attracts more customers.

  1. Makes work easier

Like any other equipment, butchery equipment is similar in making work more accessible. Machines are great energy savers, especially when energy is consumed. They also offer flexibility to the butcher, especially when the machines are automatic, since he can perform more tasks simultaneously.

  1. They are fast

Unlike performing the chores manually, butchery equipment is fast since they do not tire like human beings who must be given breaks. They can also serve more customers within a short period, unlike a person. They perform tasks at a very high speed and with ease, proving beneficial.

  1. They are an asset

Unlike butchers who might come and go, butchery equipment remains in the butchery until sold or does not serve the purpose anymore. They are, therefore, an asset if it serves their purpose.

This article is helpful to anyone wishing to set up a butchery or to know more about butchery equipment and how it will benefit your slaughter.

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