Who is Rana Pratap Singh?

KBC head office number is located in Mumbai, India. Who is Rana Pratap Singh? He is a lottery manager and a member of the Oad Rajpoot nation. Did you know that he is also the manager of SBI bank? If you are curious about this fascinating man, read this article to know more about his personal details. In addition, you will learn his contact details including his WhatsApp and phone number. If you have any questions, you can contact him through his social media pages or directly by calling him up.

Rana Pratap Singh is a lottery manager

If you’re looking for information about Rana Pratap Singh, you’ve come to the right place. He’s the lottery manager at KBC and has been on the show since season 10. He can help you with any issues regarding the lottery, including fraud issues and other information. Here are some tips you can use to avoid being scammed by lottery scammers.

Beware of fake lottery SMS. Be wary of SMS claiming to be from kbc lottery winner manager Rana Pratap Singh. You might be receiving them from an International Fake Number. Never make any decision based on SMS messages claiming to be from the lottery manager of KBC. Always check the website’s credibility and follow proper guidelines before you send money. Remember, there are many scams online and you must be very careful about what you give out to lottery scammers.

He is a member of the Oad Rajpoot nation

The Oad Rajpoot people are a branch of the Jat tribe. The khatriya Jats are also known as the Rajputs. The history of the Oad Rajpoot people is rich and varied. Some traces back to over one thousand years ago can be traced to the Jats. Some traces have been lost in time, but the Oad Rajpoots were a member of this nation for many centuries.

The history of the Oad Rajpoot people is filled with tales of great leaders, but none are more popular than Rana Pratap Singh. Though he is a fictional character, he is still a member of the Oad Rajpoot nation. The Oad Rajpoots are members of the Sisodiya nation, and their kings are not all Jats.

He is a Bollywood legend

The life of Rajput king Rana Pratap is celebrated across the state of Rajasthan, which is also the birth place of the legendary Rana Pratap Singh. He was the son of Rana Amar Singh, who fought against the Mughals. After years of war, their resources were exhausted. The two men came to a peace treaty that was not one-sided. In this way, the story of Rana Pratap was told, and the life of its legendary king is brought to life through films.

The dynasty in which Maharana Pratap Singh came from was actually quite interesting. The Guhilot rulers of India, who had ruled the country for centuries, ruled the region, and Pratap was part of this family. His wife, Maharani Javanta Bai Songara, was the eldest daughter of Udai Singh. Her husband, Jagmal Singh, also had three sons, and they were all very jealous of him. After Pratap became king, Jagmal Singh vowed to take revenge. Eventually, Jagmal Singh joined the Mughal army and was crowned Jahazpur as the Mughal ruler’s son.

He is an SBI bank manager

If you are curious to know if Rana Pratap Singh is an SBI branch manager, you should check his background and contact information. His phone number is. Rana Pratap Singh is an SBI bank manager and has worked for several banks in India. He also works as an officer in the KBC lottery. You can also call him on this number to inquire about upcoming movies.


The real Rana Pratap Singh is an Indian and part of the Oad Rajpoot nation, a large caste in India. The KBC lottery number check manager is the most popular. He has been working in the bank as the lottery manager since 2015.


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