What to Look for Before Buying a Commercial Oven

Baking is a must process in the baking industry. Also, baking is always considered part of the kitchen activity at home, which will always happen.

Choosing the best oven that meets one’s needs seems challenging, but with this article’s help, you will be informed of the best commercial oven and its best price in Kenya.

Commercial ovens are kitchen appliances used to heat and bake food professionally and are primarily used in bakeries, cafeterias, and restaurants. When you want to open a new business, replace worn-out appliances, or even expand your existing business, consider buying a well and reputable commercial oven. This article will act as a guide to help you purchase the best commercial oven for your business.

About Commercial Baking Oven

The oven is the heart of any bakery. With the right commercial oven, the business is guaranteed to produce the best quality and quantity of products that meet the consumer’s needs.

1. The Type

The first thing to look for is the type of oven that will meet your requirement in terms of electricity or Gas. Consider which one will be suitable depending on the food you need to cook.

2. The Size and Capacity

It is essential when buying a commercial oven because you will need an oven that can handle all types of food you want to cook and the amount needed to satisfy your clients.

3. Functionality

By functionality, we meet that the oven you intended to purchase should be functional in terms of performing various baking, not just cooking one type of food.

4. Easy to Use

Always go for the commercial oven that is easy to use. The advantage is that any staff can use an easy-to-use oven and not much training will be required. The best commercial oven prices in Kenya are always associated with simple and easy-to-use ovens.

Other Features of a Good Commercial Oven

  1. Temperature Probe.
  2. Heat Conversion. Heating uses a fan that circulates hot air inside the oven.
  3. Glass Door. To avoid being burnt, do not open the oven; instead, consider an oven with a glass door.
  4. Buy an oven with a time and a delayed start.
  5. Dual Oven – It is advisable to buy a commercial oven that is dual to be able to cook more than one type of food at the same time.

The Oven Types

  1. Convection Ovens
  2. Microwave Ovens
  3. Electric Conventional Ovens
  4. Gas Conventional Ovens


In summary, commercial ovens are the heart of most bakery-related businesses. Finding the best equipment is one step ahead of running a successful business.

It is important to always go for the best and most durable commercial oven. Moreover, most of the time it is best to look for an oven with the above features for your business. We hope that you make a worthwhile decision and this article acts as a guide when buying a commercial oven.

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