What Makes a Social Media Manager Great?

Social Media Management is one of the coolest and trending positions nowadays. The position is very fresh because it became popular with the boom of using social media as a promotion channel for businesses. 

The progressive part of the population has at least one social media account. Because of the fear of missing something, people hang out there usually at least once a day to read the news and catch up with the updates of their friends. 

In this article, read about what makes a social media manager great, be it a remote social media specialist working with coworking space software or an in-office one. 

1. Communication skills 

Social media manager has to have excellent communication skills. They have to use them on the accounting software platforms that they manage. It is important to communicate with the customers about the product or service of the company they work for and to be able to build relationships with them. 

Communication skills are important in life for each of us because we communicate with our bosses and colleagues, and establishing good relationships at work is important. No talking about communication in personal life, which is also vital. 

2. Writing skills

The best social media managers possess the capacity to communicate in written form too. Copywriting and content writing skills for a social media manager will make him excellent. 

To write product or service-related texts and blog articles, social media managers need writing skills. Very often, companies hire content writers, who work with social media managers, but in any case, being able to write captivating texts that represent the brand of social media manager makes him a professional of another level. 

3. Creative techniques 

Social media management is a creative job, and it always requires a unique and innovative approach to projects. That is one of the reasons social media managers are usually remote employees or freelancers because their job needs inspiration. 

Leasing an office for the team of web developers is essential, but when it comes to the social media managing team, these people may do the job better outside of the office. 

4. Tech skills

SMM specialists need to be tech-savvy because how can they manage social media accounts without knowing the techniques of using and conducting a page? They need to know how to use social media and be savvy in computer programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva. 

They need to know how to use such tools as Ads Manager and website chatbots. By the way, there is a very cool tool to use when creating a cover for your ad campaign. has your back. 


Social media managers or so-called SMM specialists are highly in demand today. They work with project managers and copywriters, photographers in the team, but very often, their job may include managing campaigns, writing the product texts, and taking the visuals of the account page. This means these people have to at least be average at all those jobs, which makes them versatile and serious professionals. 

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