What is the best way to create watermarks with your logo

A watermark is an invisible image that is placed over the photo, image or any other type of document. It’s a great illustration. It is visible on banknotes, and is among the ways to guard cash from counterfeiting. The watermarks that appear on websites are often semi-transparent logos and inscriptions that can be drawn on their own and made by using the Turbologo or a professional design studio.

Why are watermark logos important and what are the contexts in which they appear?

The main goals are related to copyright. These include:

  • The stopping of copies of photos is done by an attribution hyperlink;
  • The stoppage of the theft and impersonation line with author’s rights;
  • Stopping the reuse of content
  • Editing images is prohibited without author’s permission;
  • Identifying the website or the author who owns the content.

For example, logo watermarks are used to protect images from photobanks that are paid to ensure that no one can create images for use on the web or for social media.

Additional watermarks are visible on the images of the product on different websites. They are a way to protect exclusive images from be copied by competitors who sell the identical product.

Watermarks can be added to pictures for social networks. Let’s suppose that a brand publishes a funny meme that people are eager to share. If the meme is identified with the logo of the company, the image’s popularity will rise through the number of reposts.

Anyone can use watermarks, for example, for personal images and illustrations protected by copyright.

What is the best way to watermark your Logo and how do you put it

First, you must determine the type of watermarks. Any kind of text or image can be utilized. Brand names, logos, author’s name, the last name, nickname , anything is fine.

Next, you must decide what your watermark will look as. It could be subtle , or an appealing logo. You can include the watermark that is the same size as the image, or to put the watermark on a corner.

Here are some of the nuances:

  • A tiny watermark logo that is put in a space can be removed easily by cutting. To prevent theft, it’s best to put the watermark in a diagonal position which means you’ll have to change the entire image to eliminate it.
  • The watermark logo for solid backgrounds can be altered using Photoshop. It is suggested to place the protection element on a smaller part of the image which is clear or has various colors.
  • The watermark logo shouldn’t distract, impede viewers, or obscure crucial elements in the image. If a smaller logo can appear opaque , appealing and appealing, the bigger one should be clear. Always consider the meaning of the image as well as its purpose.

How do you create and use a watermark?

It’s not required to be a Photoshop expert to apply a watermark image to your photo. There are tools online to assist you with this.


A web-based service that allows for free creation of logo watermarks on photos. The service lets you upload up to twenty images at a time to be processed.


  • Include a picture that you have taken with your computer or from the Internet.
  • The display can be customized on the sign. It is possible to include the logo or text. Select your color that the text is and the font, as well as the level of transparency and the lettering’s slope as well as how big the logo will be. The logo you upload to the image is dropped and then dragged.
  • Save the result and download it.


Paid online service to process photographs. It is also possible to add watermarks to your photos at free, however in this case, the image will be labeled Protected by Watermarkly. Upload images onto Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, or your personal computer:

  • Upload the image, and then click Next.>Next
  • Include the logo or text.
  • Modify the display and its position on the sign.
  • Select Add Watermark> and then confirm that the watermark is added.
  • Download the image and then apply the watermark.

eZy Watermark lite

Conditional app is free and is available for iOS and Android that allows you to apply logo watermarks on images. It is possible to alter the look of your images to your liking by using different processes or templates. Batch processing using the free version permits users add up to 5 images simultaneously. The wide range of stickers or emojis along with Fonts, fonts.


Android application to apply watermarks to images with templates or even your own logo. Once you’ve added the item you are able to edit the image and select the ideal place to put it. Batch process of image processing. Certain options are available for purchase.

Visual Watermark

Paid software that is compatible with Mac and Windows. This software is perfect for you if you are the management of thousands of images and do not want to share images which aren’t protected on any platform or if you want to use an offline watermark. It is not just for photos, but also for videos.

You can change tags to suit your preference. You can also choose different fonts as well as uploading your own logos or choose one of the libraries that is built-in. The trial period is for 30 days, however the watermark will be applied to the items.

Pros and cons of using logos as watermarks

The simple advantages of these particular tags:

  • The risk of photo theft is lower. If the watermark on the logo is added to the image in a way that it is difficult to remove, like and diagonally, then the likelihood of copying is lower.
  • More recognition. Logos that are applied to a photograph may be a tool to promote. The more often logos have been shared with others, the more the creator or business is acknowledged.

However, it has some drawbacks:

  • The look of images is damaged. Logo watermarks could distract from the primary image and alter the visual appeal and hinder the ability to view specific details.
  • Insufficient safeguards against the copypaste. Even a well-designed logo with watermarks cannot guarantee that it will protect the design from theft. The sign may be cut off or removed and covered in paint, or even overlapped with another part.


The design of a logo with watermarking is still a crucial step for people who work using graphics. The selection to use an online system or help of a professional in the creation of the logo is contingent on the demands of the customers. If speedy results and ease of use are essential, then choosing online resources is the best choice. They don’t require installing software on the computer.

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