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What is Beenz Crypto?

So what is beenz? Is it an alternative currency or a company that makes money on the spread between the buy and sell price? Is it illegal in many countries? These are all valid questions, but how can you tell if Beenz is right for you? Here are some of the slacknews reasons you should know about the company and its cryptocurrency. Also read about the company’s business model. Does it have a good track record?

Beenz was a cryptocurrency company

Beenz was a cryptocurrency company with an online payment solution that allowed you to use your digital points to purchase products. The company’s ICO was successful, with 150 e-commerce partners signing up for Beenz within five months. However, it didn’t get off to a great start. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) visited Beenz’s offices in London and clarified that it wasn’t a bank. The company said that its customers could exchange their beenz at any value and sell them back to it at a certain exchange rate.

It paid tech companies to design their products, and claimed that they could be used on game consoles, cell phones, and interactive televisions. In fact, the company even claimed that it would be supported on Mondex smartcards, an early digital wallet. The Beenz ICO’s success was a reflection of its enthusiasm and the company’s founders’ belief in the technology. Beenz’s CEO hoped that Beenz would be listed against major currencies within five years, which was true for about four months. The company eventually went bankrupt and ceased operations.

It attracted 150 e-commerce partners

In just 5 months, Beenz has signed up 150 e-commerce partners, including Amazon and eBay. The digital currency also attracted salesmen and investors. Beenz was turned down by Bezos in part because of its online payment solution, but factival salesmen were attracted by the prospect of being paid in cryptocurrency. The digital currency’s biggest competitor was Whoopi Goldberg, who co-founded rival currency Flooz.

During its early days, Beenz paid tech companies to design its products. The company claimed to trade on mobile phones, game consoles, interactive televisions, Mondex smartcards, and early digital wallets. The company’s investors radiated boundless optimism and its CEO predicted that Beenz would be listed against major currencies within five years. At the time, however, it was hard to believe that Cohen could have done it within four months.

It was illegal in many countries

In 2019, the Supreme Court of India, Botswana High Court, and Trinidad and Tobago High Court all struck down the criminalization of homosexuality. Earlier this year, the Caribbean Court of Justice invalidated a law passed in Guyana. Meanwhile, Gabon seatgurunews has also made homosexual sex illegal. In April, Singapore’s sharia court rejected a bid to strike down the law. In 2018, the UK passed a similar law.

In Brazil, abortion is still illegal, except in cases of rape or risk to the mother’s life, or in the event of anencephaly. Women must obtain the approval of their doctor, as well as of three other clinical experts. In the country’s capital, San Salvador, the ban has been in place for several years, but activists have been campaigning to imetapressnews loosen restrictions. In March, thousands of Salvadoran women marched to call for the abortion ban to be lifted. Women demanded that abortion be permitted in cases of rape, life-threatening situations, or fetal abnormality.

Its biggest competitor was Bitcoin

In the first half of 2013, the value of one bitcoin fell by about 25 percent. In contrast, the value of other leading cryptocurrencies dropped even more – Peercoin and Dogecoin have lost more than 80 percent of their value in the past year. Litecoin, which launched in December 2013, gained a few hundred percent, but has since slid back down. Ethereum, on the other hand, has been able to bounce back.


As digital currencies became increasingly popular, their competition quickly fell by the wayside. Bitcoin, for instance, started the year at $970 per savetoby coin, and today is valued around $10,000. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be some competition in the market. The biggest concern is whether the market will be flooded with competitors – in which case, it’s likely that the prices will rise even more. And as Bitcoin continues to rise, the competition will come in.

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