What are Solar Heater Systems? How this System Works and Their Different Types

The world is in the race to make use of green energy to curb the growing danger imposed by global warming due to excessive carbon emissions. One of the energy sources is renewable solar energy because it is daily supplied to the earth’s surface by the sun. Solar heater systems generally tap this energy in the form of heat and employ it in different heating liquids and air substances.

This article will examine different types of solar heater systems and how they work.

Solar heating systems are generally used to heat liquid materials like water, milk, blood in blood infuser systems, agriculture applications like crop drying, and many more. This system employs a specially made surface like that of a mirror which is primarily dark in color and then absorbs heat through the induction process. This liquid is then stored in some tanks like apparatus or used depending on their application.

Now, look at these different types of solar heater systems and how they work.

Unglazed solar collectors

This type of solar heater system is the simplest in today’s discussion list. It simply employs a material that is heat conducting. This dark material, usually metal or plastic, is made to absorb heat and then transfer it to some fluids passing through pipes installed just through or above the dark fabric.

Solar pool heating collectors

This solar system is primarily used in many countries . Like the unglazed solar collectors, they also employ dark but tubular plastics. This water is then returned to a pool hence the name solar pool heating collectors. A water pump is utilized to aid the circulation of the water to this water panel surface of heating back to the pool.

Solar air transpired collectors.

They consist of a very dark in color material, perforated material to precisely mount on the side of a building. A fan installed at the perforated openings draws air to the dark-colored material, gets heated, and pulls that air back into the said building. The heated air then circulates the house through the installed ventilation system.

This type of heating system is best suited in places where housewarming is required.

Flat plat like solar collectors

They are mostly copper tubing, although other heating absorbent materials can also be used. These tubes are then put inside a frame insulated to avoid heat loss, and then these tubes are placed inside a glass. These solar heater systems are widely used in areas experiencing a lot of heat and are primarily applied in large buildings where hot air is required for housewarming.


There are so many solar water heater systems in the market; those we have discussed above. The ultimate factor about these systems is that they are very environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, they operate quietly, making them suitable for use in any environment. This article will be beneficial to anyone considering purchasing the device. Examine the information carefully and make an informed decision.

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