Ways to Write a Dissertation Methodology

A dissertation methodology section is an integral part of the dissertation. It details the research process and how it was carried out. When writing a methodology section, it is imperative that you make the methodology clear enough that a scholar can follow it. For instance, if you are researching the meaning of art, your article must describe why it is important to examine the way in which artists express themselves. If you’re conducting a scientific experiment, your methods section should detail the steps taken to conduct the experiment and its effectiveness.

Methodology section

When writing a methodology section, it is important to explain the process that led to the research you performed. If you do not explain how you gathered the data, then it won’t be useful in reproducing the findings. Instead, use this section to provide a detailed explanation of the research process, linking it to relevant literature. Also, it is important to provide the reader with the tools necessary to reproduce the findings. The goal of the methodology section is to give the reader enough information to replicate the research themselves.


In a dissertation, the methodology section appears after the literature review. It should flow naturally from the literature review. Throughout your literature review, you should have already defined the research question. You’ll have considered relevant precedents, models, and assumptions in order to plan your own study. During the literature review, you can relate your findings back to the methods you used to collect the data. It’s also important to discuss the methods you employed to gather the data.

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