Understanding More About Concrete Cutter

A concrete saw is a machine that cuts through concrete and is truly a game changer machine in today’s construction industry. This article will cover some of the different types of concrete saws in the market.

Types of Concrete Saws

A concrete saw is a powerful machine that cuts through concrete. It is a heavy machine and is powered by electricity. This machine has, without a doubt, solved many previous issues in the construction industry. In the past, constructors were forced to cut concrete manually using a mallet and chisel for the job, but this was very tiresome and wasted a lot of time.

That is, however, not the case anymore since the coming of the concrete saw. There are many different types of concrete saws in the market. They are designed differently to accommodate different types of jobs. This article will focus on the types of concrete saws and some of their uses.


As the name implies, this is a gadget that is operated hand-held. It is usually lighter compared to the other designs. They typically come in handy for projects that require a lot of movement. They are used for small projects because of their low horsepower. For instance, contractors use this hand-held gadget to dissect a small portion of concrete from a large chunk.

Walk Behind

The walk-behind concrete saws are usually operated by holding them from behind and pushing or pulling them towards where you are cutting the concrete. They are generally heavier and use a lot of electricity. They are noisier compared to the other saws.

Concrete Slab Saws

Concrete slab saws are a favourite for cutting flat concrete surfaces like pavements, roads, floors, etc. They cut horizontally through the flat surface. The concrete slab saw helps contractors to achieve detailed work with less effort.

Concrete Wall Saws

These saws have circular blades and are cut vertically through walls. It is mainly used in the final construction phase when installing pipes and electric wires to the wall. This concrete cutter has an extra feature known as a track mount system which gives the machine support when operating it. Therefore it can run automatically by itself.

Concrete Ring Saws

This saw is also a hand-held operated gadget and runs on electricity. It is also lightweight therefore making it easy to carry around. They are mainly cut through cylindrical platforms. They are primarily suitable for construction sites in highly populated areas because they produce low noise.

Concrete Chainsaws

They are very suitable for small projects like cutting through bricks. However, one major advantage of this machine is that it can cut through hard-to-reach spaces. Contractors also use this saw for crosschecking after using other saws. It ensures that the job is done perfectly.


The different types of concrete saws have specific uses and unique features to perform their particular jobs. Those are the main types of machines in the market; you can identify which one fits your needs best. You can also find out ways to maintain your device in its best state. Check also plate compactor price in kenya.

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