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Top 8 Most Important and Effective Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

Among the top horse riding tips for beginners is learning to use your hips. It may feel weird at first, but eventually it will come naturally. Your bottom should always stay in the saddle. The hip movement of a horse can be quite erratic, so keep this in mind while you’re learning to ride. Aside from the hips, your other body parts should also be relaxed and comfortable.

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Tips for beginners

During your first ride, you will probably feel a little nervous, but most riders are nervous before their first lesson. If you know the best way to relax before your horse’s first lesson, you’ll be better prepared for the experience. This article will provide eight of the most helpful horse riding tips for beginners. We’ve highlighted some of the most important, and simplest, tips, to help you get started on the right foot.

Fit for horse

Make sure your tack is properly fit for the horse. Don’t wear flip-flops or shorts when riding. You should also check out the condition of the facility you’re riding. If the horse suddenly stops, you should remove your shoes and free your feet from the stirrups. If you’re not using proper tack, you’ll risk damaging your tack or hurting yourself.

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