Off the Top Podcast Show

Off the Top podcast shows are an excellent way to discover new artists and find out what they’re working on. The hosts of Off the Top self-describe as “hags” and admit that they initially made the show to get free products. However, their mission has changed as the show’s reputation has grown. While the creators of Off the TOP are no longer “hags,” they are now a serious source of creative inspiration.


The Off the Top Podcast Show is a weekly, entertaining, and informative podcast show with a diverse audience. The hosts, Thomas Benkelman and Colin Gallagher, cover a wide range of topics and make the show enjoyable. Listeners can choose between full-length episodes or 15-minute mini-episodes. You’ll be surprised at the variety of topics they cover. This is a great way to get an idea of what Off the Top Podcast Show is all about.

Thomas Benkelman and Colin Gallagher

Off the Top Podcast Show has two hosts – Thomas Benkelman and Colin Gallagher. They’re both very impressive and have excellent dialogue. It’s fun to listen to this show, and you’ll want to catch up on previous episodes. The topics discussed are as varied as the show hosts. You’ll never know what you’re going to learn from Off the Top Podcast Show. It will be a great way to find new artists and learn more about the business side of music.

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