Kucoin AMA with coolmining :

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that accepts various digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

KuCoin was founded in September 2017 and has since grown to become one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, with over 20 million registered users in 207 countries and territories across the world.

KuCoin, often known as the “People’s Exchange,” is a global crypto exchange based in Seychelles that offers users 24/7 multi-language customer assistance.

Meanwhile, KuCoin has built 23 local communities in Europe, Southeast Asia, and other countries, allowing users to get highly customized services.

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Project Description:

CoolMining is a real-time hash power simulation game that runs on the blockchain. There are numerous gaming options. Players can enjoy the joy of creation by acting as speakers, miners, and mining hosts. The game’s hash rate corresponds to a real-life hash rate. In CoolMining, every participant has the opportunity to earn BTC incentives.

Could you elaborate on your gaming mechanics?

So, after we officially launch CoolMining, there are presently two methods to enjoy the game.

Staking in a mining pool is the first step. Connect to the BTC network with CoolHash, the hash rate token, to begin earning BTC rewards in the mining pool.

Using miner NFTs for mining. To personalize miners, players must first collect miner accessories. Miners aid in the acceleration of mining by providing hash rate bonuses, which translates to more enormous BTC incentives for players.

Smart contracts implement all of our gaming mechanisms on the blockchain. Our technicians have worked extremely hard to achieve this. Celtic has audited our contracts, to remark that.

How do you define tokenomics?

Since last year, GameFi has blown our heads regarding gaming in the crypto realm. We all know that P2E is the focus of GameFi (Play-to-Earn). And the income aspect is essential to the players!

CoolHash and CoolGas will be the two tokens circulating in the CoolMining ecosystem to illustrate our tokenomics.

The hash rate token is CoolHash or COOHA. The hash rate of 1 CoolHash is 0.01TH/s.

CoolHash allows players to stake for BTC prizes, buy mystery boxes, and customize their miners. It also serves as the CoolMining community’s governance token. As we expand, we’ll be listening to our communities! The utility token for CoolGas, nicknamed COOGA, is COOGA. To kick the miners out, players will require CoolGas.

What are the sources of BTC rewards?

A real-world hash rate backs the hash power in our ecosystem. Since 2017, we’ve been running our own mining company with some of our initial members.

To date, most of our hash rate has come from top-tier mining operations in North America, Russia, and Central Asia.


KuCoin includes many extra features, but you should consider whether you want to use them. For example, It allows you to leverage your position by borrowing money to acquire more cryptocurrency news. Only experienced traders should utilize leverage since it increases the danger of cryptocurrencies, which is already a risky investment.

KuCoin has a mobile app that allows you to employ trade bots. Trading bots can purchase and sell your cryptocurrencies for you, so you don’t have to keep track of the market. On the other hand, Crypto bots are not as advanced as Robo-advisors. Some, for example, have technological issues. Furthermore, it is not always evident how they are investing your funds.

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