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Industrial PCs are designed to do a variety of tasks, and they are becoming increasingly common in industrial environments. Many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and are creating custom solutions for their clients, with the most popular brands including NEXCOM, Beckhoff, and Xerox. These companies specialize in industrial PCs with touch screens, and there are a variety of features available.


NEXCOM offers a broad range of industrial pc and panel PCs to meet specific industrial computing requirements. Their product lines include Fanless Industrial PCs, embedded computing platforms, and solutions for surveillance and marine computing. The APPC series includes a wide selection of I/O, including HDMI and eDP.

Nexcom industrial PCs are highly efficient and durable, with low power consumption and versatile Ethernet, fieldbus, and I/O connections. They also come with a heavy-duty aluminum front bezel and vibration-resistant chassis. They’re ideal for harsh environments and demanding applications.

NEXCOM IPPCs feature high-end processors and high-resolution screens. The IPPC 0811-B01 comes with an eight-inch touchscreen, while the IPPC 1211-B01 provides a 12.1-inch touchscreen. NEXCOM IPPCs also have a wide range of I/Os. This makes them ideal for industrial automation, monitoring systems, and machine vision.

The IPPD 2100P supports a 12-volt DC power input and a VESA mount for mounting the device on a panel. The IPPD 2100P is the ideal industrial PC solution for a NEXCOM NISE fanless computer, the NViS security surveillance series, or an APPC/IPPC panel PC.


Beckhoff fanless industrial pc and panel PCs feature high reliability and availability. They are equipped with specialized touch screens, integrated displays, and other components developed in-house. They are available as standalone units, DVI/USB Extended Control Panels, and CP-Link solutions. For customers who want maximum customization and flexibility, Beckhoff industrial PCs and panel PCs provide the perfect solution.

The company’s product philosophy emphasizes the use of high-performance processors and components. This means that Beckhoff Industrial PCs usually feature the latest technology offerings. The company regularly tests new technologies and optimizes them for industrial applications. For example, modern touch technology has been integrated in Beckhoff’s CP2xxx and CP3xxx device series. This technology has gained popularity in the consumer market since 2007, and Beckhoff has been consistently leveraging it for industrial applications.

Industrial PCs are an integral part of automation processes. They perform a range of automation tasks, from controlling machines and processes to networking plant components. In addition, they are used in data acquisition and image processing.


NEXCOM’s IPPC industrial computer line offers an impressive range of features and functionality. From fanless IP65 protection to 10-point PCAP multi-touch screens, these computers are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. They’re perfect for machine vision, IIoT and industrial automation.

The IPPC family of computers can be configured to serve as edge servers or IoT gateways. Its two Gigabit Ethernet connectors are included. It supports a wide range of software and hardware configurations. The IPPC1560TE supports Ethernet, PROFINET, and EtherNet.

NEXCOM IPPC industrial computers are ideal for hazardous locations. They are designed to be vibration and shock-resistant and maintain FCC Class A standards. They also provide IP65 front bezel protection and a high operating temperature range. With the optional fan kit, IPPC models can even handle temperatures up to 75 degC.

NEXCOM heavy Industrial Panel PC

NEXCOM’s IPPC family features a variety of models that can meet the needs of heavy industrial users. Its IP65-protected and fan-less models provide a wide range of I/Os in a single interface. These PCs are ideal for industrial automation applications, including machine vision, IIoT, and monitoring systems.

The Nexcom IPPC 2170P heavy industrial panel PC is built with a powerful 4th generation Intel(tm) Processor. It features a user-friendly touch screen, dual expansion slots, and a vibration-resistant aluminum chassis. Its rugged design makes it suitable for a variety of environments, including wind farms, oil and gas rigs, and other hazardous working environments.


The NEXCOM Heavy industrial grade pcfeatures a rugged, metal housing and features such as LED backlighting and touchscreen capabilities. The company’s products are ISO-9001 certified and are available in standard and custom models. NEXCOM is a member of PCI-SIG and the PICMG. Its R&D team is highly experienced and has a track record of meeting customer expectations. Its products and services have helped many of its customers win key projects across a wide range of industries.

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