Get to Know Different Types of Water Pumps

Are you wondering what type of pump you will buy for your plumbing purposes? No worries, there are various pumps in the market. Moreover, this article will help you identify the best fit.

To choose the best pump, you need to know the different types of pumps.

Kinetic pumps

Kinetic pumps are of two types: centrifugal and regenerative. Fluid is given velocity in kinetic pumps.

A centrifugal pump

With the aid of an impeller, centrifugal force is used to expel fluid from centrifugal pumps through the tips of the rotating impeller. Therefore, it causes the fluid to move toward the pump’s outlet while increasing its velocity and pressure. A submersible pump is one type of centrifugal pump.

The most frequent application of a centrifugal water pump is in agriculture. It is a rotary device; the propeller rotates from the inside of a casing, draws liquid into its center, and expels it via an opening just at the side of a container due to centrifugal force.

Centrifugal pumps must be kept full of fluid to function correctly. Almost every irrigation pump is a type of centrifugal pump. Other common uses entail pumping water resources for construction projects, giving firefighting systems a constant source of pressure, and increasing the pressure of water collected through intake lines.

They perform well despite being relatively impervious to corrosion and erosion and are reliable and quiet. Compared to other water pump prices in Nairobi, centrifugal pumps are cheaper.

The devices are small and simple in design, with no inlet or outlet check valves. They can pump liquids with solid particles but lose suction when pumping liquids with more than a minor vapor fraction.

Regenerative pumps

The pump’s casing contains a ring-shaped channel in which the impeller’s vanes on either side of the rim rotate. The pump recirculates liquid to a lower spot on the impeller’s diameter rather than discharging freely from the impeller’s tip.

Regenerative pumps cannot move liquids with solid particles because of the close clearances. They can pump fluids that contain gases and vapors. They can pump gases if the liquid in the gas contains enough fluid to seal the nearer clearances.

Positive displacement pumps

A positive displacement water pump expels liquids or materials when a flexible diaphragm contracts and expands. Positive displacement pumps are more effective on a larger scale, especially when handling delicate solids or liquids with high viscosities. The vintage hand pump is a simple illustration of a positive displacement pump’s operation.

They are of two types:

1. Reciprocating pumps

There are three types of reciprocating pumps:

  1. Plunger pumps
  2. Piston pumps
  3. Diaphragm pumps
  • Piston and plunger pumps are costly but incredibly reliable and long-lasting.
  • Diaphragm pumps produce pulsating streams of liquids, gases, or a combination of both. They help pump expensive, hazardous, or corrosive chemicals when packing leaks cannot be tolerated, as well as liquids containing solid particles.

2. Rotary pumps.

Rotary pumps include:

  1. Vane pumps
  2. Gear pumps
  3. Screw pumps
  4. Lobe pumps
  5. Cam pumps
  • Gear pumps can move liquids that contain vapors or gases. They are ineffective for pumping gases because the internal mechanical parts depend on the lubrication provided by the fluid that one is pumping.
  • Lobe pumps produce a much more pulsating output and are less prone to wear than external gear pumps. One can also pump gases using lobe-type compressors, which have two lobes on each rotor.
  • Screw pumps can transport liquids that contain vapors or solid materials. They produce a steady performance with little pulsations for a given rotor speed. Screw pumps can pump very high viscosity liquids because they do not require outlet and inlet check valves.

Electromagnetism pumps

Their purpose is to pump electrically conductive fluids. They are used to transport liquid metals used to cool nuclear reactors.


This article explains the different types of pumps from which you will be able to select. Despite considering the price, you should also consider other essential aspects like quality, variety, and purpose, among other factors. For more, check high pressure water pump price in Kenya.

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