Finding a Thread Lift Near Me

While there are many medical centers in Singapore, not all of them perform thread-lift procedures. Finding a doctor in Singapore that offers thread lift procedures is a crucial part of the process. Not only are there many great doctors in Singapore, but you can also get the best results by selecting a skilled professional. The first step is finding a plastic surgeon near you who has experience in this procedure. In addition, you can ask questions about the process and its benefits during your consultation.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

You should avoid smoking and alcohol for a week before your thread lift procedure. Moreover, you should not take certain prescription drugs, as these may cause more bleeding during the procedure. Before your thread lift surgery, you will have a consultation with the doctor, who will determine the type of threads that you need and the number. Next, you’ll receive a numbing cream that will make your skin feel comfortable.

Thread lift procedure

The cost of a thread lift procedure for the face in Singapore can range from $1,000 to $5,000. Although the price may vary, there are no serious complications associated with the procedure. Moreover, the current generation of threads is biodegradable, so there is no long-term side effect. Before the thread lift procedure, your doctor should document any preexisting asymmetries. The surgical process will require accuracy when using barbs.

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