Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Keg Pump

A keg pump is a piece of equipment connected to a keg tank containing a keg, an alcoholic beverage.

The article will explore the necessary factors to pay attention to when acquiring a keg pump. After carefully understanding the article, one can make a well-informed decision to make the purchase and ensure efficient usage.

Before committing to buy a specific keg pump, be sure of the purpose it is meant to be put. Decide on whether it is intended for business or personal use only.

Compatibility with Keg Tank

The keg pumps used should be able to connect correctly with the keg tank. The connector size should be well chosen to minimize the chances of incompatibility. It will ensure smooth drainage of the keg to serve the intended people.


The material should resist rusting to improve the durability of the pump. Most pumps will use stainless steel, which is highly resistant to rusting. The watery nature of the keg predisposes the pump to rust.

Carbon dioxide system

It is a mechanism meant to supply the keg with CO2 necessary to prevent flattening and thus maintain the freshness of the barrel. In its absence, the keg will be overwhelmed by oxygen which makes the keg go flat and compromise its freshness.


The keg pump should be easily dismantled from the keg tank and transported to other places where it can be connected to other keg tanks for use. The pump should also be light in weight to ensure it is not as cumbersome during transport.

G-System Coupler Fitting

It is a piece of equipment meant to improve the efficiency of draining the keg via the pump. It ensures regulated amounts of the barrel can be emptied into the respective containers.


The size of the keg pump used depends on its purpose. Keg pumps used for business purposes are much larger than those used for personal use. It usually goes hand in hand with the size of the keg tank utilized.

Quality of Pump

The high-quality pumps are more efficient in delivering controlled volumes of the keg. It will prevent over-draining, which may lead to excessive losses in business. The high-quality pumps are also more durable in the long run. It minimizes the cost of replacing and maintaining the already present ones.


The pumps should have few or absent dirt restricting regions. It is meant to reduce the retaining of dirt at places that may end up contaminating the keg drained. The pump should also have a more effortless dismantling procedure to ensure deep enough cleaning of crucial areas.


It is a factor considered by all when purchasing any kind. The buyer should ensure the pump they are about to buy falls within their budget. The above factors should also be considered to ensure maximum utilization of invested capital.


It can be concluded that purchasing a keg is not easy and requires meticulous consideration before making the purchase. For more, check keg pump price in Kenya.

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