Factors to consider when buying chafing dishes and their benefits

A chafing dish is a dish used to keep cooked food warm. These dishes help to keep the food hygienic, safe and fresh. They are called chafing because they keep food warm. They usually use gentle and indirect heat to warm their content in a large and shallow pan.

When buying chafing dishes, either for a restaurant or for domestic purposes. It would help if you considered the following;

Source of heat

Chafing dishes are the type of restaurant and domestic equipment that come with various heating styles. Always ensure that you have a source of power. Some have outlets primed for the use of induction heated chafers.

Chafer construction

Consider buying equipment made of stainless steel. It means that the devices are corrosion-resistant. Being stainless makes them look attractive and luxurious. Some of this equipment is designed for the large-scale user, while others are designed for economy users.


While selecting the ideal chafer for your restaurant, you also want to consider the shape of this restaurant equipment. Chafers come in different forms, including oval, rectangular, and circular. Your choice of the dish will enable you to buy the right one according to what will be served inside and the decorative element it adds to your buffet table.

Size and capacity

You need to ask yourself one question. How much food do I need to serve in it? It will help you decide the right size you need. Buy the one that fits the capacity.

Finishing and style

As we know that the finishing is different, the style can add to the ambiance of your restaurant or buffet table. Some chafing dishes have attractive, shiny, and metallic shiny polish. Others have satin matte and hammered copper finishes. The handle legs and lid trims should be considered.


For restaurant types of equipment, the cover type is an important consideration. It can ease working in a hotel, primarily when serving or in the dishing process. For hotel purposes, consider the ones with roll-top, hinged, and glass covers.

Benefits of chafing dishes

Although chafing dishes are expensive, their price is worth buying because they come along with so many advantages. Below are some of the advantages

Chafers upgrade your presentation.

Chafing dishes are beautiful and elegant. They help you reach that attractive and sophisticated food display you wish to achieve while serving.

Chafing dishes will keep everything warm.

The main advantage of these dishes is that they keep everything warm as if it has been cooked immediately. Even after serving, the food is still warm and fresh for customers.

Chafers will keep everything hygienic.

Chafing dishes in Nairobi have become common. Freshness is not the only thing you can enjoy from chafing dishes but also the hygienic presentation that will save you time cleaning after serving customers. Also, maintaining a high level of hygiene is essential to every business serving food.

Chafing dishes last longer.

Using high-quality equipment in your business will guarantee you that you are business will extend high quality. Regarding high-quality equipment, chafing dishes have many features that put them into a category. They are made from strong and highly durable materials that make them easy to clean.


This article defines factors to consider when buying these modern dishes and the benefits. They are attractive, easy to handle, presentable, long-lasting easy to use and maintain. Restaurant operators should turn to these dishes for a good display of food and hygiene.

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