Competitive Intelligence Tools Being Used by Leading Companies To Make Better Business Decisions.

In business, the saying “knowledge is power” rings true. To make a better business decision, it’s essential to have access to all the information. Fortunately, there are many competitive intelligence tools available on the market today that can help you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Below are some of the most widely used tools that are currently available.


Visualping is one of the most widely used tools on the market today. Visualizing will help you keep track of how your competitors perform on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Social media is an ever-changing landscape, and keeping track of how your competitors use it can be a challenge. Visualizing can help you determine what your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses are on social media to tailor your strategy so that you are better able to compete in the market.


Alexa is a great tool for quickly finding information about your competitors. Alexa assigns a ranking to every website on the internet based on its traffic. The higher the ranking, the more traffic a site is receiving. Alexa is also great for finding out how many backlinks a website has, especially helpful if you are trying to build backlinks yourself.


Crayon is a great tool to use when trying to find out more about your competitors. By entering the details of any competitor’s website into Crayon, you can get an instant evaluation of how well your competitor is doing. By using Crayon, it is easy to see who your competition is good at and who they need to focus on as opposed to you.


A moat is a free tool that you can use when trying to determine which of your competitors are ranking well in search engines like Yahoo! and Google. By entering in the keywords that your competition has used in their pages, you will get a quick snapshot of what they are looking for. Furthermore, Moat allows you to see how many backlinks a company has and the other keywords that they rank for.


Knowem is a great tool to use if you are trying to learn more about your competitors. Knowem allows you to enter the name of any company, and it will return the social media accounts that they run on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Furthermore, it also allows you to see how many followers, fans, etc., that company has for each account. By using Knowem, you can learn a lot more about your competition.


Competitive intelligence isn’t only about using tools to analyze your competitors. Buzzsumo is a great tool for social media monitoring, and it can help you keep an eye on how your competitors are performing on the internet. Buzzsumo allows you to look at different websites similar to your own and see who they are sharing their content with on social media.


It is a competitive intelligence tool that can help you identify all of the technology your competitors are using. By using Wappalyzer, you will see what kind of plug-ins, cookies and tracking tools your competitors are utilizing. Some tools that companies commonly use include Google Analytics and Google Adwords.


CognitiveSEO is a tool that can help you to analyze your competitor’s backlinks. Competitive intelligence includes knowing what keywords your competitors are using in their backlinks so that you know how to optimize yours. CognitiveSEO allows you to see the referring domains and pages as well as the anchor text that is being used to link to another website.


This article is a collection of the more widely used tools on the market today. However, depending on why they are being used, many others are just as effective. I’m trying to illustrate with this article that you don’t have to have a huge budget to be successful in your business. Using the different tools available today, you can easily stay one step ahead of your competitors and make better business decisions to win against them.

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