Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand Tour

A Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand Tour is a fantastic way to get to know the most interesting cities in the country. From the Golden Triangle to the beautiful countryside, this region has something for everyone. In addition to the ancient temples, you can also visit the Black House, a complex of almost 40 shadowy structures where the artist Dr. Thawan Duchene lived. The Black House is filled with demon-like paintings and art and will leave you with a lasting impression.


The first stop on this Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand Tour is Chiang Rai. This is the capital city of Northern province, and was once the capital of the independent Lanna Kingdom. This region is a cultural mecca, with beautiful temples and orange-robed monks. You can spend the day at the base of the mountain, feeding the elephants and relaxing in the mud and sand spa.


If you have limited time, you can try a 5 Day Mini-Package of Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand. This is the perfect trip for those who are in a hurry to see the highlights of this region. With only five days, you’ll be able to visit the most important sites in Northern and Southern Thailand in a short amount of time. If you’re looking for a tour that covers the highlights of Northern and Southern parts of the country, this is the best way to go.

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