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BJK University YouTube Video Review

The BJK University website is a common sales funnel. It begins with a webinar disguised as a free training course. In this training, you’ll learn how to succeed on Amazon by introducing as many products as possible and scaling them up. This is common sense, but it seems like a sales pitch. Then, you’ll be asked to sign up. Upon doing so, you’ll receive a case study that teaches you how to make tens of thousands of dollars in one week Playfire.

Although the BJK University YouTube video is a valuable resource, you may be skeptical about how much it will cost you. After all, it’s an online business course that promises overnight success. But is it worth the investment? Considering the price tag and the limited time offer, should you pay more than $6000 for this course? And, how much will you learn from it? The success rate is low and the refund policy is short Eworld.

The creator of BJK University has a large online presence. His personal Instagram account has more than a million followers, and his BJK University YouTube channel has tens of thousands of subscribers. Bashar J. Katou has a rich background in the business world, having started his first business at the age of nineteen. Unfortunately, the restaurant burned down in 2015, and he lost everything. The BJK University YouTube channel has helped him get back on his feet again Mixbit.

How Do I Change My WordPress Author Name?

How do I change my WordPress author name? The answer is easy. WordPress gives theme developers a handy function for outputting the author name. When you make a post, the author name will display in the byline, author box, and widget. However, the default author name can look unprofessional and silly. Fortunately, there are a few tweaks you can make to change the author name on your WordPress site. Here are a few examples:

To change your author name, go to the Users tab on the left side of the screen. Click on Your Profile, which is in the upper-right corner. Select Author Name from the dropdown menu. Enter the author name you’d like to display publicly, and click Save Changes. Then, you’ll see your new author name appear in all the posts. This is usually the fastest way to change your author name. However, you may want to change the author name if you’d prefer a more professional look Myweblog.

To display the author’s nickname, WordPress offers a shortcode. You’ll have to implement the shortcode in a loop that iterates your posts. Then, you can use the get_the-author_meta() function to retrieve the author’s metadata. If you have access to the author’s user ID, you can use this function to get their display name, first name, and last. This function returns the author’s meta value.

Once you’ve created your WordPress profile, the next step is to find the author’s username in the WordPress database. You can find the author’s username in the wp_users table. You’ll see it under the author’s name and in the email address. You can also find it in the post’s status bar. Once you’ve found the author’s username, you can add it to your profile Economictimes .

Once you’ve set up a WordPress account, you can add other users as authors. These users can then read and comment on your posts. You can also change the username for individual posts if necessary. If you need to change your WordPress author name, the process is straightforward. You can add new users or change the existing one by going to the settings page in your WordPress dashboard. Once you’ve done this, you can then change your username or add a new user.

If you’ve ever wondered how to change your WordPress author name, you’re not alone. In fact, more than 20,000 other people subscribe to our weekly newsletter for WordPress tips. This newsletter contains useful tips on how to change your WordPress author name and more. There are also free WordPress tools you can download, which make it easy to set up your new author account and manage your content. If you’d like to learn more about WordPress, subscribe to our newsletter for free! Then, you’ll find plenty of articles and resources that help you do just that.

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