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Searching for jobs is a big part of adult life. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to look for jobs online. There are numerous online job portals where you can easily search for jobs without even stepping outside your house. In addition to listing job openings, these websites provide other features as well like resume builders, and career coaching. They also have blogs sections that provide articles advising readers on how to look for jobs. These articles often also guide readers on how to ace job interviews.

Many job sites provide job listings for all business sectors. Many others have a focus on particular industries such as digital marketing, retail, IT, healthcare, or the hospitality sector. Job sites provide a platform where employers and potential employees get connected.

Job seekers will typically be required to make an account on online job portals. Finding a job is such a critical aspect of life. If you are doing this online, you will want to ensure you have a safe and reliable internet connection. Take a look at these Spectrum packages to get the best internet service at competitive prices.

We have compiled a list of the best online portals for job seekers. We have taken into account the volume of job listings, user-friendliness, and other features to compile this list. Continue reading to find out more!


Indeed was launched in 2004. It is a preferred website for people to find jobs online. It is the top website for job search. More than 10 job listings are added to the website every second. Over 250 million people access this website every month. It is popular because it is updated frequently. It also has job listings for a wide variety of industries and that is something any job seeker would like.

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Users can access the website for free. It is not even required to make an account to look at job listings. However, some benefits come with creating an account on Indeed. Accountholders will get access to the website’s Resume builder. Doing so will also speed up the job application process and will allow you to connect with employers. If you create an account, you will also receive email alerts whenever a new job is listed.


Glassdoor was launched in 2008. It is a platform where current and former employees review their employers. From an employee’s point of view, this is a very useful website for assessing salary transparency. There are over 100 million reviews on multiple employers with over 11 million job postings. Users have so far reviewed close to 2 million employers.

There is a dire need for more platforms like Glassdoor. As a job seeker, you are not only looking for a job. You would also be interested in knowing about your prospective employer. Glassdoor lets you do exactly that.


Monster was launched in 1994. It is a pioneer in online employee recruitment. It helps to get companies and talent together. As of now, every minute of every single day 7900 search queries and up to 30 resumes are entered into Monster’s database. Monster caters to job seekers from all work styles and experience levels with its advanced tools that are also free to use.

Although after creating an account you can apply to any job listing, save search queries and job positions, and sign up for email alerts when new jobs are added in fields you have subscribed to.

Summing Up

Job portals are a big blessing for both employees and employers. It has simplified the recruitment process for both parties. The best part of these platforms is that they are free to use. Use these platforms to look for a job if you are unemployed, or look for a better one if already employed. Click here to get top news all over the world and you can also check out this site for getting more info. 

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