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Are you looking for an air conditioner to rent? Then, you came to the right place at RentoMojo. This article will guide you on how to get AC on rent in Delhi. But, before jumping into it, let’s see the need for an AC and its significance in daily life. An Air Conditioner, commonly known as an AC, has become a necessity in every household these days, especially in Indian conditions where temperatures soar up to 45°C every summer. Still, an air conditioner also consumes a lot of electricity, which is too relatively high compared to other electrical appliances like a TV, fan, etc.

The Best Air Conditioner Brands

Don’t let summer’s heat and humidity stress you out–that’s what a good air conditioner is for. But finding the proper AC can be tricky, so we compiled some of the best models available in 2022 to help you decide which will work best for your needs.

Types of Air Conditioners

If you’re looking to purchase a central air conditioning unit and are unsure which type will best suit your needs, let me provide some insight. The most common types of air conditioners are window-mounted, wall-mounted, and roof-mounted units.

Window-mounted units benefit from low cost and easy installation in most cases. However, there is no guarantee that your home’s windows will be up to holding such a large piece of equipment.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner for your Home

Buying the right air conditioner is a big decision and something you will have to live with. To get the most out of your purchase, you must understand what specs are important to you and your needs.

The following guide can help you make the right choice:

  1. Is Energy Efficiency Important to You?
  2. Should You Be Concerned With Noise Levels or Eco Features?
  3. Do You Need Special Financing or Rebates for Large Projects?

Things To Consider Before Buying An Air Conditioner

Find out what type of air conditioner you need. Determine if your house or building has the required electrical capacity to power your new appliance.

Evaluate the roof to see if it can support the unit’s weight before buying a portable unit; lastly, ensure you have adequate ventilation.

Essential Tips on Usage Of The Air Conditioner

If your home is in a climate that does not get too cold, you might be able to enjoy your air conditioner year-round.

The only issue you will have is the high electricity bill. To avoid that, there are many days during the year when you can turn off the air conditioner and open the windows instead.


Looking out to buy an AC is not at all an easy task because every person wants to buy the best one with reasonable rates that suit their budget. Still, here we are trying to make your job easy by offering you a detailed comparison of various ACs available in the market along with their features, performances, pros and cons, and our final judgment about them so that you can easily choose the best one out of them and get relaxed by saving your precious time as well as money without having any worries about it.

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