Advantages of landscaping with fish ponds and waterfalls

one of the key elements If you build your dream home I believe that many people must have a beautiful garden corner to accompany the house for sure. Especially if it’s a house with a little space, fish ponds and waterfalls, where do you go? Because these beautiful gardens and good corners can be called living corners. and social media photo angles that have it all But many homes still can’t decide whether to dig a fish pond or set up a waterfall. and may be looking for reference reasons to add enough weight to the need, so AYB would like to bring of beautiful landscaping with fish ponds and waterfalls to help in decision making

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5 advantages of landscaping with fish ponds and waterfalls

1. Pond, water source, enhance feng shui

Concerning the matter of enhancing luck, good luck, whichever trick is the best, you need to find it to make it all great together. Water is the science of feng shui Origin from China, where the word feng means wind, the word shui means water, and the word feng shui is the wind that carries good energy. Water serves to maintain the balance of all elements. It is the key to helping the life of the people in the house or the people in that place to be smooth and it is also a symbol of wealth and wealth according to feng shui principles. The flow of water is like the flow of money and fortune.

2. Fish pond, a symbol of money and wealth

When planning fish farming Of course, taking care of the pond with fish pond care is different. Having a water source or well in the first paragraph means the flow of water that enhances the flow of money. If you are ready for the time to take care of the fish Some houses prefer to raise fish instead of leaving an empty pond.

The fish that symbolizes money and wealth is the carp. In business, the carp is also a symbol of profit. Therefore, this corner of the fish pond is considered another relaxing corner. Suitable for resting from the exhausting work as a resort-style house.

3. The cool vapor from the waterfall creates balance.

An auspicious fish pond has been arranged in the garden area. The waterfall must be arranged in order to balance all the elements that want to imitate nature. by a house with a wide garden area If able to fill the waterfall It will make the garden area more beautiful, refreshing, and cool because the water that falls from each layer of the waterfall will splash moisture in a wide area. Including if the distance of the waterfall is not far from the house Cold vapor is a trap for hot vapors reflected from the floor before entering the house.

But the waterfall has a strong current, it must be located in the right area according to Feng Shui principles. by the area suitable for setting up a waterfall is the front of the house which is considered a gathering point of good fortune

4. The sound of the waterfall is like natural healing music.

Resort style house is to turn the house into a resting place. Natural sounds, such as waterfalls, are higher. different slope It’s like chasing a key to make it sound more dimensional, relaxing. The sound of water also stimulates us to feel energized. Have fun as well Including natural sounds from birds, rats, squirrels who come to visit the waterfall. It creates a colorful holiday to chill without having to check in anywhere.

The prohibition of building waterfalls is to avoid making them look like cliffs. Because the sound of falling down and down is not worth listening to. Annoying, not relaxing, feeling like sitting in the middle of the raging rain

5. A beautiful house complete with all 5 elements, creating a balanced natural power.

when decorating a resort style house What is considered a balance for a beautiful garden is Small and large trees depending on the area of ​​the house which if it is a large house area Beautifying the garden from home design by using the principles of composition with the 5 elements that are water, wood, fire, earth and gold will be a balanced use of the power of nature.

Therefore, having a fish pond or a waterfall that is a water element is the culprit for the beautiful garden that is the outstanding wood element. Including the presence of sunlight is the fire element. and having a perfect soil is the earth element. It will enhance the garden in the house to be beautiful and also be a corner to restore negative energy to send positive energy to the residents.

Landscaping deserves a consultant like a garden designer. to get a garden that is as beautiful as a house It is also related to feng shui, gold directions, and different angles that if the water system is not good. It may affect mold and humidity. to health Because going down a tree is like going down a pole of a house, if you choose the wrong one, your life may change.

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