Advantages of Automating Accounts Payable Processes

The advantages of automating accounts payable processes are numerous. By eliminating human errors, you can dramatically reduce your invoice-to-payment time. Plus, your team will not need to spend valuable time entering and approving invoices. The payback period for an automated accounts payable process is usually less than six months. Read on to discover some of the benefits of automated processes for your business. And don’t forget to ask about the risks of manual AP.

Invoice payment

Automation of the accounts payable process can save you a great deal of time. Unlike manual processes, you don’t have to spend as much time on each invoice. With automated accounts payable, you can automate everything, from data capture to invoice payment. By doing away with paper-based approval processes and spreadsheets, you can focus your time and effort on more important aspects of the business. And thanks to a customizable user interface, you can even configure the automation process to include only the areas that increase productivity.

Pre-payment discounts

AP automation can improve your cash flow by allowing you to take advantage of pre-payment discounts. By automating your payments, you can save as much as $16 per invoice. Your cash inflow will be higher and your vendor relations will improve. With the right technology, you can increase your business’s cash flow. This is because you will be able to make payments on time, which increases your revenue. When you automate your accounts payable process, you’ll also have fewer invoices to track and less paper to store.

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